A dream come true

"In demand" at the Harter pastry shop

A bakery and an ice cream parlour - how does that fit together? With its ice cream parlour in the tranquil town of Stockdorf, the Harter confectionery impressively shows that it works. We asked Ludwig Harter a few questions.


How long did you think about opening an ice cream parlour before you put the plan into action?

"Pretty much a year."

How did the cooperation with Krä come about?

"Maximilian is a real name in the industry, people just know him. In addition, he was highly recommended to me by colleagues.

What was your first impression of Krä?

"It just felt good to work with Maximilian and his team from the first moment. The atmosphere was very familiar, very competent and just very pleasant during the whole project."

What aspects of working with Krä did you particularly like?

"Maximilian is simply a real ice cream expert and has always put me on the right track with his questions: How do you want to present your ice cream? How do you want to produce it? What concept do you have in mind? What requirements do you have for your ice cream machines? We always discussed the pros and cons of certain ideas and machines quite openly and transparently, but in the end we always relied on Maximilian's advice - and we haven't regretted it!"

What was the biggest surprise during the planning and construction phase of your ice cream parlour?

"Luckily there were none! Everything turned out exactly as we had hoped."

Did your ice cream parlour turn out the way you wanted it to?

"Yes, it is. But we already have some ideas on how we want to expand and complement it."

What do you like best about owning and running your own ice cream parlour?

"Clearly the love and dedication to the product. It is always a pleasure to create a new, exciting type of ice cream from simple raw materials. And when you see happy customers enjoying our ice cream, that's simply priceless."

What advice do you have for people who also dream of owning their own ice cream parlour?

"In the beginning, definitely concentrate on the essentials! It's better to start with just a few types of ice cream, but as high-quality and tasty as possible."

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