A dream come true

"In demand" at the Kurhaus ice cream factory

In the middle of Baden-Baden, the Kurhaus Eismanufaktur was established in the colonnades of the Kurgarten - in other words, in a prime location. Franziska Ebi and her team relied on our many years of experience. We talked to her and asked her a few questions.


How long have you been thinking about opening an ice cream parlour?

"The idea for the ice cream factory project in the Kolonaden came from the management, so unfortunately I can't say exactly how long it was thought about. I then joined in and helped build the project."

How did the cooperation with Krä come about?

"Since I already had experience in ice cream parlors, the name Krä was already familiar to me. Of course, before starting the project, research was also done regarding technology and conversion, but the Krä company is present everywhere."

What was your first impression of Krä?

"Our director Mrs. Vraneš had the first contact with the company Krä. Since the project started at the peak of the pandemic, the contact was initially only by phone or via e-mail. But I noticed already during my phone calls the enormous competence and expertise of the employees of the Krä company."

What aspects of the collaboration with Krä did you particularly like?

"The first designs for our ice cream factory were great from the start. It was as requested and exactly how you wanted it. The service is also really great. When you call the Krä company, you always have an expert on the phone who takes care of our questions and wishes."

What was the biggest surprise during the planning and construction phase of your ice cream parlour?

"Since you had to re-route the access points for water, etc., this was probably the biggest challenge in the project. The solution to that was a pedestal that hides all the plumbing and allows it to run underneath."

Did your ice cream parlor turn out the way you wanted it to?

"Yes, definitely! From the color concept to the quality of the ice cream - we are completely satisfied."

What do you like best about owning and running your own ice cream parlour?

"With the ice cream manufactory we have an enormous added value. Since the manufactory is a subdivision of the HECTORS restaurant, we can also offer fresh and delicious ice cream to our restaurant guests. In addition, the Kurhaus Baden-Baden hosts a number of major events, such as the Sportsman of the Year awards, which in turn also benefit from the ice cream."

What advice do you give to people who also dream of owning their own ice cream parlour or café?

"You must never lose sight of the goal. Many unforeseen things can happen during a project that put stumbling blocks in your way. But you have to make the best of the situation. Only then do you fulfill your dream."

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