A dream come true

"In demand" at La Fantasia

One could almost say "regular customer" when talking about La Fantasia. The Pilikidis family, the owners, have already opened their third ice cream parlour for which we were allowed to provide full service. We asked the family a few questions.


How long have you been thinking about opening an ice cream parlour?

"For us, it was a longer process to find the right location. We had various cities in mind before we finally agreed. Fortunately, a few more great locations have come along in the meantime."

How did the cooperation with Krä come about?

"Since we also had Straubing in mind as a location for our first ice cream parlour, the contact fortunately came about due to the proximity to the town."

What was your first impression of Krä?

"The first impression was super! Maximilian and his team are simply nice and human, you immediately feel in good hands and perfectly advised."

What aspects of the collaboration with Krä did you particularly like?

"The one hundred percent trust. And that we have always found the best solution together for all problems and challenges."

What was the biggest surprise during the planning and construction phase of your ice cream parlour?

"The biggest surprise was that there was not a single bad surprise during the entire planning and construction phase."

Did your ice cream parlour turn out the way you wanted it to?

"Yes, absolutely everything turned out exactly as we had planned it together."

What do you like best about owning and running your own ice cream parlour?

"Firstly, it just feels great to be your own boss. And secondly, seeing happy customers every day is the greatest thing!"

What advice do you give to people who also dream of owning their own ice cream parlour or café?

"For all the dreaming, you have to be prepared for the fact that it's just a lot of work to turn the dream into reality."

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