Ice production: Pasteuriser

Carpigiani pasteuriser Pastomaster XPL-P

  • Technology of the proven Pastomaster RTL in the guise of the Pasto XPL P
  • As an entry-level model already equipped with the exclusive Carpigiani cup system
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
Name Data sheets Manufacturer Category title Is variant? electrical connection Width in cm Depth in cm Height in cm Mix poured in per cycle in l
Pastomaster 60 XPL-P Carpigiani Ice production: Pasteuriser Yes 400 V / 7 kW 35 86 103 15 - 60
Pastomaster 120 XPL-P Carpigiani Ice production: Pasteuriser Yes 400 V / 11.2 kW 65 86 103 30 - 120
  • *The quantity per cycle and the hourly output vary depending on the mix used; the "max." values refer to classic Italian-style spatula ice cream.

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