We plan your ice cream parlour

You had the most delicious ice cream of your life on holiday in Italy and now you want to bring this unique dolce vita feeling to Germany in your own ice cream parlour? You've always been a fan of Scandinavian design and want to combine that special hygge feeling with the most delicious ice cream far and wide in your own ice cream parlour? You've discovered the craziest, most colourful, wackiest ice cream parlour of your life on Instagram and think "I can do what they do"? Whatever you have in mind - together we'll make it happen.

With our experience from 2500 successful ice cream parlour projects, I and my team of experts are happy to help you from day one to think through your dreams step by step and down to the smallest detail, evaluate them, add to them and let them take shape from the rough sketch to the final building plan.

But your ice cream parlour should not only be the realisation of your life's dream, but also the perfectly functioning workplace for you and your employees. So together we not only ensure a harmonious and individual design, but also make sure from the very beginning that all processes, procedures and walkways in sales and production meet all requirements in the best possible way.

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