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Ice production

Good ice cream makes your turnover hot! With a worldwide market share of about 60 percent and an annual turnover of about 98 million euros, the Carpigiani Group is the market leader in the field of machines for artisan ice cream production. Carpigiani machines are characterised, among other things, by perfect results, lasting value and short production times with low electricity and water consumption.

The way to perfect ice cream is through the right machine

Our ice cream machines from the world market leader are indispensable for the professional production of ice cream, frozen yogurt or granita. Simple to operate, easy to clean and economical in energy consumption. Depending on the machine, you can produce and preserve different types of ice cream. Talk to us!

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For good taste and a creamy consistency

In ice cream preparation, the heat treatment named after the French biologist Louis Pasteur is essential. On the one hand, adverse microorganisms in the food are rendered harmless by this process. On the other hand, the ingredients bind together through heating and a creamy ice cream mixture is created. We offer both pasteurisers and cream cookers - we will be happy to advise you on your individual needs.

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The perfect emulsion for ice cream and confectionery

Dry, fibrous and fatty ingredients: with our mixers and emulators, you can get homogeneous and long-lasting ice cream mixes in no time at all. We have special emulsifier heads for both cream and fruit so that your ice cream is creamy and melts in your mouth.

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The optimal temperature for a successful result

Both the storage method and the preparation are essential for the shelf life and consistency of ice cream. In adequately temperature-controlled storage cabinets, the flavour and cream consistency of the ice cream are preserved. Blast freezing prepares food for longer storage. Benefit from our spacious refrigeration solutions!

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We offer you all the equipment you need for ice cream

From electronic scale systems to spaghetti ice cream presses to slush and granite machines, we offer you high-quality technology that you need to prepare your products.

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