My partner for sweet treats

Confectionery, pasticceria and gastronomy

Millefoglie, meringue, sfogliatella and more: Piccola pasticceria have long since arrived in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. To ensure that the vanilla cream tastes like it does on an Italian holiday or that the delicious past ries are perfectly presented, we have the right equipment for you.

Optimal temperatures, perfect stirring

From ice cream mix to tempered chocolate to choux pastry: with various selectable programmes, our cream cookers are the ideal partner in the pastry and pasticceria sector.

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Ice cream maker and cream cooker become one

With our multi-purpose machines, you can make delicious creamy ice cream as well as pastry creams, sauces and toppings and much more. Ideal for occasional use and a wide range of products, as well as Piccola Pasticceria in combination with gelato.

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As diverse as gastronomy

Our GastroLine is specially designed for the different needs in the catering industry. A wide range of applications as well as extreme stability and durability characterise this product series.

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