Creamy and airy

Soft ice cream & frozen yogurt

We are pulling out all the stops!

With our soft ice cream machines, you can produce particularly creamy and airy ice cream: High air impact, perfect ice structure, high hourly output, hygienic safety, durability as well as high value stability. The premium manufacturer Carpigiani has also made a name for itself in the soft ice cream and frozen yoghurt segment with its high-performance machines. Benefit from the short production times with wonderfully creamy results and low power consumption!

The perfect soft ice cream from a standing start

With a free-standing machine, you can make soft ice cream anywhere you have electricity. The product variety ranges from traditional soft ice cream, soft ice cream with coloured stripes, liquid cores or special dispensing spouts to frozen yoghurt. With a large cylinder volume, you get continuous dispensing.

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For all occasional lovers

Our table-top units are ideal for restaurants, cafés, patisseries and bakeries. Space-saving and inexpensive, they are optimal and space-saving appliances especially for low or seasonal sales volumes.

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