Do you need spare parts?

Order spare parts directly

Do you need spare or wear parts for your ice cream or soft ice cream machine? A care kit, food grease, disinfectant, new agitator blades or gears? Simply go to our store and select your machine - then you will be shown the right parts straight away.

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We are always there for you and your ice cream parlour, even after the opening!

Congratulations! Your dream has come true. Your own ice cream parlour has finally opened. Your guests are happy with their delicious ice cream in a great ambience. And you are happy because your guests are happy. Every day you produce and sell ice cream with your dedicated team, you serve coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other coffee specialities, and maybe you also serve homemade waffles or cakes. In short: your shop runs and your machines run too.

You have questions?

Simply use WhatsApp

You have questions about one of your machines and just want to quickly send a photo to our experts via the short official channels? Nothing could be easier! Simply use WhatsApp and we will help you in no time at all.

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Of course, a seal has to be replaced. Or a machine doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Or a device simply needs to be replaced by a more powerful one.

Even then, I am there for you with my team and all our experience. Because we don't just have over 25,000 spare parts in stock at all times. We also have a reliable customer service that comes directly to you and helps quickly and easily.

So we don't just make your dream of your own ice cream parlour come true. We are also happy to stay by your side, accompany you and are always there for you when you need us! Now all you have to do is contact us and tell us about your dream ice cream parlour. Let's get started!

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