Our expertise in the field of ice cream parlours

I look forward to coming to the company every day, because for over 70 years, we at Krä have been able to accompany great, unique, creative and courageous people like you in making their dream of owning their own ice cream parlour a reality.

And even after so many years, over 2,500 satisfied and successful customers and over 100 completely individually designed, furnished and established ice cream parlours, it still motivates me just as much as on the first day to be able to support the fulfilment of this lifelong dream.

Make dreams come true? We can! Build your ice cream parlour with us and make your ice cream concept a reality.

Because that completely unforgettable moment, when my customers open their own ice cream parlour, completely created according to their own wishes, with an overjoyed smile on their faces, is the most wonderful motivation for me. For this moment, our team commits itself every day anew to tackle our projects with one hundred percent dedication. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch so we can talk about your dream of owning your own ice cream parlour!

70 Years of experience
25 Employees
1 Passion

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