Optimal walkways & workflows

Overall concept and laboratory planning

We don't just work with you to develop an efficient concept for the ice cream lab or the counter area. We start from the very beginning: Starting with the products and the production cycles, we develop an efficient scheme, a common thread that runs through your business model.  

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Optimal walkways & workflows

Overall concept

The perfect planning of your facility, your production or your ice cream lab turns a good overall concept into an excellent overall concept. We plan the routes and workflows in the counter and production area so that you achieve maximum efficiency. In this way, we not only create higher turnover through faster work processes, but working becomes a pleasure.

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Individual ice laboratory planning

An excellently functioning gelato lab must be perfectly thought out and planned. With decades of experience in the world of gelato, we know exactly what really matters. Our planning takes into account not only the conditions of your location, but also your product range and your production rhythm. We always see your laboratory through your eyes. In this way, we optimise workflows and avoid unnecessary walking distances. It is particularly important to coordinate the production capacities of the individual machines. This way we avoid the one small bottleneck that slows down your entire production.

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