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Frizital® is part of the Carpigiani® Group and reconditions used machines from the entire Carpgiani® Group (Carpigiani, Coldelite, Cattabriga, Promag) with the utmost care. For our Carpigiani contract territory, we are also the exclusive importer for factory-refurbished machines from Frizital®.

Among other things, the following components are renewed or work is carried out during the factory overhaul:

  • Conversion to current refrigerant
  • Replacing the drive hub
  • Renewal of the keyboard foil
  • Replacement of all plastic add-on parts of the front door (for ice machines)
  • new set of plastic knives (for ice machines)
  • Replacement of the wheels
  • Polishing of all sheet metal parts and freezing cylinders
  • Accessory kit as for new machines as well as operating instructions and declaration of conformity

All machines receive a"Frizital® type plate" in addition to the originaltype plate.

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Make: Carpigiani
Model: Maestro 2** HE
Type: Ice cream maker with confectionery programs
Cooling: Water-cooled
Info text: Factory refurbished with 1 year warranty
Price: on request

Your contact:
Aaron Blank

Make: Carpigiani
Model: XVL 3 P SP Steel
Type: Floor-standing soft ice cream machine
Cooling: Water-cooled
Info text: Self-pasteurizing version factory refurbished with 1 year warranty
Price: on request

Your contact:
Aaron Blank

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