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Discover our extensive portfolio of Carpigiani machines. The Italian manufacturer has always stood for the best machines for the production of ice cream. Artisan ice cream, Soft ice cream and other ice cream specialities such as frozen yoghurt. Also Cream cooker for ice cream cafés, ice cream parlours and cafés. State-of-the-art and consistent technology meets quality and innovation. We at Krä are your exclusive Carpigiani sales partner and will take care of the sales, installation, maintenance and Service of your machine.


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An overview of our Carpigiani products

Who is Carpigiani?

With a turnover of around 100 million euros per year and a global market share of around 60 percent, the Italian company Carpigiani from near Bologna is the market leader in the field of artisanal ice cream production. Founded by the Carpigiani brothers in 1944, the company became famous for the patented development of the "Autogelatiera" ice cream machine. Carpigiani machines impress with masterful results, lasting value and short production times with low electricity and water consumption.

What machines does Carpigiani manufacture?

Carpigiani specializes in the range of machines used in cafés, ice cream parlors, ice cream parlors and pastry shops. The Italian manufacturer covers the entire range of ice cream production, but also cream machines. With products such as the "Ideatre", the manufacturer also repeatedly shows how innovative it is. Thus also the show production is meanwhile possible with it. An ice cream machine from Carpigiani is an investment for years, because the best quality meets excellent ice cream technology. Machines like the Labotronic from Carpigiani show what the manufacturer can do. It represents the top model in the production of ice cream. With its intelligent programming function for the production of ice cream, the Labotronic creates completely new possibilities in many ice cream cafés.

Carpigiani is not only ideal for making milk ice cream, but also for sorbets. The ice cream machines here are also ideal for unusual and creative creations in ice cream production.

But Carpigiani is also the world market leader in the field of soft ice cream machines for ice cream parlours, confectioners or bistros. With the ice cream machines, you can optimise your ice cream production according to your wishes and your ice cream needs. For many confectioners, Carpigiani machines are the means of choice for an excellent ice cream maker. Thanks to reliable and economical technology, the machines ensure an optimal workflow. Spare parts can also be obtained quickly. No matter whether it's a stirrer or a cylinder. Our service experts for Carpigiani machines from Krä are there for you for service and maintenance. By the way, as the world market leader, Carpigiani is of course also designed to meet the specifications of the respective countries or continents. For example, there is ice technology that is designed for our power grid with a frequency of 50 Hz, as well as machines that are designed for the North American market with 60 Hz.

Second-hand Carpigiani machines are very rare on the market and are always in demand, as the ice cream production machines last a very long time and are an investment for years. Once you have a Carpigiani ice cream machine, you won't want any other. We sell special premium second-hand machines. You can find an overview of these machines here.

What makes Carpigiani's Labotronic so special?

The Labotronic is the top series from Carpigiani. The top model in ice cream production has a variety of different programmes that make the ice cream machine very easy to operate. The Labotronic has many comfort programmes that always prepare perfect milk ice cream or sorbet with the help of sensors. For example, the different sugar content of fruit is also analysed using sensor technology and the recipe is automatically adjusted accordingly. The Labotronic thus ensures the perfect taste, even if the staff has little experience with ice cream machines or the recipe of ice cream. For all ice cream café operators who want maximum quality or want to avoid as many mistakes as possible, the Labotronic series from Carpigiani is the ideal choice. The Italian manufacturer excels in this series in particular, as the sensor systems of the Labotronic coupled with their quality are so unique on the market. The Labotronic series is an investment for top-class ice cream production.

The RTX, RTL and HE Series from Carpigiani

The RTX series by Carpigiani was produced and distributed until the late 00s. It was then superseded by the RTL series, which offered even more functions for ice production. This in turn was superseded by the HE series. HE stands for "High Efficiency" and clearly shows how Carpigiani wants to position itself in the ice cream production market. It is no longer just about perfect taste, but also about the efficient use of energy and ingredients to save money in the ongoing production process.

The cylinders and the agitator in the Carpigiani ice technology

The cylinder (also called the freezing cylinder) is an important component of the ice cream machine. The ice cream is frozen in this cylinder during ice cream production. The mixture freezes at the edge of the cylinder and is scraped off again and again by the agitator. This ensures uniform cooling and freezing in ice cream production. The size of the cylinders determines how many litres of ice cream can be produced per freezing cycle. Carpigiani machines are available in a wide range of sizes. So there is the right product for every commercial ice cream maker.

The agitator in the Carpigiani machines is equipped with spring-loaded scrapers that are automatically pressed outwards again and again. The scrapers are a classic wearing part and should be replaced at regular intervals. Our experts in ice cream technology are on hand to offer advice and assistance and will also be happy to re-order Carpigiani spare parts. We will of course show you these important points that you should know about an ice cream machine in a basic course and thus create in-depth knowledge for you and your employees. You are also welcome to take a look at our other courses , in which we constantly impart new knowledge, advanced courses and impulses from the world of gelato.

Cream machines or automatic creamers in the Carpigiani range

These classic machines are mostly known from the counter area of ice cream cafés or ice cream parlours. Cream machines produce whipped cream very efficiently and cost-effectively. The cream machines work completely without additives. The basic ingredient for cream production is pure cream, which is then whipped in the machine. With the cream machines, Carpigiani benefits from its many years of experience in ice cream production. This means that maintenance and service can be carried out quickly and easily and the machines are easy to clean.

Cream cooker from Carpigiani

Carpigiani's cream cooker is the Pastochef RTL. This appliance can be used for heating, stirring and cooling. The appliance can be used flexibly for all needs in pastry shops. The appliances from Carpigiani keep the temperature perfectly at the same level. Adjustable programmes guarantee a perfect end result, whether it's an ice cream mix or perfectly tempered chocolate. Cream cookers are a great addition to ice cream parlours, but also to bakeries and pastry shops. If you are new to a cream cooker, we will be happy to impart the necessary knowledge to you in a basic or advanced course directly at your premises or at our premises in Straubing.

Pasteuriser from Carpigiani

Pasteurisers from Carpigiani are part of the basic equipment of every ice cream café, ice cream parlour or ice cream shop. Pasteurisers heat the milk base mix in a controlled manner and for a short time, killing most of the microorganisms. Once pasteurisation is complete, the mix is matured, allowing the binding agents in the ice cream to combine optimally, resulting in creamy and long-lasting ice cream in the ice cream production process.

Who is the Krä company?

We are on the road for you throughout Germany

Our Carpigiani contract territory stretches from the Alps to the state capital Berlin: we have been an authorised Carpigiani dealer since 1963 and, as Carpigiani Master Distributor, we are the exclusive importer or authorised dealer for the areas of Bavaria (Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Upper Palatinate, Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia), Saxony and Thuringia and, since 2021, also for Baden-Württemberg. As Germany's central spare parts warehouse with 25,000 parts permanently in stock, we have been supplying the whole of Germany with all spare parts from the Carpigiani Group for many years. On request and in case of emergency, we also offer express delivery within Germany, so that parts ordered before 12 noon reach you the next day. We also supply you with spare parts for older machines, in some cases even those for which the manufacturer no longer has any parts available. The spare parts can come from a wide variety of areas. We stock them for cream machines as well as for ice cream machines such as the Labotronic and soft ice cream machines.

Excellent partner

In recent years, we have received the Carpigiani "Outstanding Performance" Award and the Carpigiani Best of Business Award several times. Our customers can therefore rely on our advice and our service experts.

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